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The Art of Designing a Software Architecture

Gain insight into the decision-making process for setting up a software architecture, especially the design phase. Designing a flexible software architecture requires certain skills, experience, and user behavior knowledge. Cover coupling and cohesion, communication strategies, the use of design patterns as building blocks, and more.

17-8-2012 Now also added a high-quality version of the Software architecture Design Kaleidoscope (PDF)

14-9-2012 Now also added an NI Week impression.

Arnoud de Kuijper, T&M Solutions B.V.


Dear (future) architects,

I would like to challenge you to come up with new/other reasons for partioning your software architecture! Basically the questions is: On what criteria do you decide to split up software in different modules instead of creating one big system (exploding while loop).

You comments are appreciated.

Arnoud de Kuijper