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TS9456: ISO 9000 and LabVIEW

Speaker: Steve Watts (Designer, SSDC Ltd)


Quality management is integral in certain fields that are natural fits for LabVIEW applications (automotive, aerospace, and so on). As part of their quality management programs, companies try to obtain ISO 9000 accreditation. This can be difficult and costly, so companies often must decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. At this session, learn about the experiences of an established company that obtained ISO 9000 accreditation, including the time and work involved and the short- and long-term payoffs.

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Hello My Lovelies,

In this presentation I'll be running through how SSDC got our ISO9001:2008 accreditation and showing some of the project management tools we have generated to make this process seamless. These are all written in LabVIEW so we can see code if anyone wants. If you have any requests or questions ask them here (or during the session I'm easy)


A question I always get asked when demonstrating these tools is : Are they available as a toolkit?

The answer is that it would be a system not a toolkit, and everything is negotiable Smiley Happy.


Hope to see you!