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When and How do I sign up for the technical sessions?

Wow I must be getting old, because I asked the same question last year:


When and How do I sign up for the technical sessions?

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With NIWeek 2017 moving to May, this is a good question.  The online catalog here: currently has session titles, abstracts and speakers. Towards the end of next week, the session schedule will be available.  Please check then, and we look forward to seeing you at NIWeek 2017.

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It would appear that session schedules are now up, but still no "add this session to my schedule" button.  This is kind of a minimum requirement.


Just for fun, I also tried the manual process of "My Schedule >> Add Schedule Item".  It did work (although the UX was horrible), but now I can neither edit nor even delete these items.  I could probably list another dozen problems I have experienced with this year's conference management tools by Contentet and CrowdCompass, but I will stop short of doing so.  This is my 6th NIWeek over the past 9 years, and although the session catalog and associated process for managing our individual schedules did get incrementally better each year, this year the experience seems to have plummeted to the most frustrating year ever.  All this may sound like a rant of endless complaints, but I am genuinely trying to offer constructive criticism here.  There is still a very short window of opportunity to get these many problems fixed.

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Thank you for making us aware of this.  I'm working with our new vendor to get a solution within the next 48 hours.  I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

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First, we look forward to having you at NIWeek 2017.  We have a lot of new additions, such as the learning labs, that I think you will value.  And, many announcements are in the works.


I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.  We are working with a new vendor and working out some kinks.  Even though the online catalog allows a person to log in, the scheduling and contacts is not enabled.   


I would also be eager to starting building my schedule.  We’re working hard to get approval on the NIWeek 2017 app.  It’s coming soon.  I anticipate it will be ready for download the week of April 17.  I will provide a link to it on the online catalog site.  In addition, all registrants will receive an email inviting you to download it.  The mobile app is the best spot to build your personalized schedule.


Thank you for being patient, and let me know if you need anything else.

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OK thanks.  Please let us all know when we can book the sessions.
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Will do. 

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What's the status on booking Sessions.  I can view the catalog and bookmark sessions, can I make some tough decisions and start booking? 

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Hi Matt,


Download the NIWeek 2017 mobile app to get helpful information and create your schedule. Download via a web page here: Or, on your mobile phone, go to the app store, search for NIWeek 2017 and download.


We look forward to seeing you at NIWeek.

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It seems like the website has improved massively since the last time I tried it, and that was much better than previous attempts at using the website, but it's a little confusing to have a different sign-in method each time.



 The newest, confirmation code by email, is my favourite so far, but seeing c****@... didn't make me think of my email address, which has significantly more characters. Perhaps multiple shown characters (ch****@..., for example) would reduce the likelyhood that people will miscount the asterisks and jump in a semi-comical direction given probably an unsuitable word can be found for most initial letters...

 However, my previous attempts at storing a schedule, which as has already been pointed out was painful in the previous interface, seems to have been demolished (again? - I'm not sure if I stored anything the first time, when every event had the same timeslot...) This makes me cautious before attempting to build a schedule again. Is the interface (semi-)fixed now?


Moving on to the topic of this thread, is registering for sessions a requirement? This is the first time I'm attending NI Week and so I'm excited but have no idea what the structure/system will be like. Will there be a booklet/guide to the sessions? I've found in the past for academic conferences that sometimes the paper book (booklet isn't really appropriate in the case I'm considering - even the mini-abstracts with schedule formed something the size of my laptop) can be a far clearer schedule than the online format, and that a pen to circle entries is as good/better a scheduler.


Short of finding a bed to sleep in (done), what should I do before setting off to Austin?

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