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What aspect of the NI Community are you most excited about using?

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To enter your name in the Block Diagram Party raffle for a chance to win a $100 gift card, reply to this discussion and tell us what aspect of the NI Community you are most excited about using or are already using (e.g. online groups, Idea Exchange, etc.)!

Due to technical difficulties the Raffle has been extended until 10 PM.  We will email the winner.

If using mobile device: go to and login, after you login go to and comment on the discussion.

If using a computer: go to and login, after you login go to and comment on the discussion.


Congratulations bmccabe09! You are the winner of the NIWeek 2011 Community Raffle!

Please private message me (through your NI Community profile) your address and I will send you the gift card!

Claire Reid
National Instruments
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This is me entering the raffle!
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Oh, I guess I have to contribute an answer! Definitely code sharing.
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loved the LabVIEW robotics group:)

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Online forums!
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The sweet information!!!
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Accepted by topic author Claire_Reid

I really like the solutions to coding problems from everyone.

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This is sort of an aside, but I found it weird that I had to re-login and choose an alias to join the discussions. Other than that, I think having the Idea Exchange and Documents is really helpful when I encounter any problems

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I just signed up. Hopefully the forums will have insghts from experienced users that can help me with my labview problems

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