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I know most sessions have their slides available for download. However, there are still some sessions without slides available. Are there any plans to upload them?


Also, I noticed that each room had someone recording the session. Is this available for us to view? A lot of the sessions overlapped, so I couldn't attend the ones I wanted to attend.

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It's the responsibility of the presenter to make sure their slides and demos are available online.  They can do this by just providing them to NI, but at the end of the day NI needs to get them.  If there is a presentation you don't see but want the content for maybe send the presenter a friendly message asking them to make sure their content is available.  NI setup a nice subforum where they can upload their content in an organized way here.


As for the recordings.  NI does not record any NI Week session content as far as I know.  All the cameras and equipment you saw were from volunteers in the community who donate their time and equipment to help us see the sessions that conflicted with others they also wanted to see.  Mark Balla was one of those volunteers and has posted his videos publicly here.  You can thank him anyway you'd like, but I'm sure he'd prefer a beer and friendly conversation if you see him at other NI events.  I know there are other volunteers but I haven't seen them post their content publicly yet.

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Thanks for the reply hooovah. I enjoyed your XNodes session! Also, thanks for sharing your slides and video. I was able to show some of my coworkers the neat tricks you can do with XNodes.

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So here's a little more information.  Mark B and Shane (Intaris) have their videos posted in the link I gave earlier.  All the videos numbered 001-017 were recorded by Mark, and the videos numbered 101-112 were recorded by Shane.


In addition to these JKI also recorded their videos and just posted them.

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And to add to this yet again, more videos have been uploaded to the Tecnova FTP site.  Credentials for this are on LAVA which I linked to earlier.


In addition to this some of the videos on the Tecnova FTP site have been put on youtube by the presentors.  The ones I'm familiar with are ones by Delacor and some of the Advanced User track sessions which were in room 15.

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