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NI Week presentation: DAQ with RT OS

Hey NI Community, 

I got accepted as a speaker for NI Week this May. My topic is Data Acquisition using a Real Time OS.

I'd love your thoughts on what would be most useful to talk about. 

So far, this is the outline for my presentation:


This session will expect that the user understands what an RT OS is, and has some familiarity with LabVIEW RT.
We'll begin with a discussion of pros and cons of RT vs Windows vs other embedded targets and walk through the decision-making process for selecting an OS for real-world examples.

The session will then cover the following topics:
1. Delinked UI using LabVIEW for Windows or a web client
2. Headless operation
3. Synchronizing user-defined configuration parameters between UI and RT
4. Streaming acquired data
5. Recording here/Recording there: storing to disk in RT, on the UI computer, directly to a server, or some combination
6. Handling network outages
7. Troubleshooting RT applications


Any other concepts that you'd like to hear about?

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Sounds great, but a lot to get through. Can you really get through all those topics in however much time you have?

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I agree that any one of those bullet points could be a one day hands on session on its own.  But that being said technical presentations are supposed to be feature packed.  If a topic that was discussed interests you, you're welcome to go and research it more outside of the presentation.  I guess what I'm saying is I don't mind hearing about 10 things covering each of them only as a high level over view.

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