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LabVIEW Champions Driving Change at the SEPAD Track at NIWeek 2018



Welcome to the 2018 Class of LabVIEW Champions 

Wow!  Double amazingness in just a few weeks!  First, one of the best days of my work year is sending the acceptance letter to our new LabVIEW Champions.  These ladies and gentlemen embody the best of both technical excellence and the community spirit.  They drive innovation, providing both valuable product roadmap feedback and delivering software tools to their peers.  They mentor others informally and more formally through user groups and teaching.  They invest countess hours in organizing their knowledge into engaging and insightful presentations for LabVIEW Developer Days, NIDays and NIWeek.  And they invest in you through their online community activities, coaching others and fielding sticky questions.   


Join me in welcoming these outstanding individuals into the LabVIEW Champions program: 


2018 LabVIEW Champion


Forum Name

Matthias Baudot



Joerg Hampel



Pascal Heinen

VI Technologies


Nacer Mokhtari

Centum Adeneo


Sam Taggart

System Automation Solutions LLC


Quentin Alldredge

Hill Air Force Base


Derek Trepanier

Moore Good Ideas, Inc


Will Schoettler

Choose Movement Consulting


Robert (Bob) Schor

University of Rochester


Oliver Wachno

Buerkert Werke GmbH




LabVIEW Champions Contribute to NIWeek 

These new LabVIEW champions join their peers in making a significant impact in a few days at NIWeek 2018.  Several years ago, the LabVIEW Champions approached the NIWeek steering committee, asking to have a meeting room at NIWeek so they could host an Advanced Track of sessions to equip the broader community.  The NIWeek team graciously said yes to this ask.  In 2016, they hit a homerun with “Room 15” – Advanced Users Track, powered by the LabVIEW Champions.  Room 15 was packed for every session. In 2017, the Advanced Users track moved to “Room G” and almost doubled the attendance.   

ask me about sepad.jpg


Inaugural Software Engineering Processes Architecture and Design (SEPAD) Track – Powered by the LabVIEW Champions 

This year, the NIWeek team graciously tripled the footprint for these impactful and unique learning sessions.  The LabVIEW Champions are nointroducing the inaugural Software Engineering Processes, Architecture and Design (SEPADpronounced " cee-pad") Track.  (Okay, we did not optimize the naming process to get the best possible acronym.) This SEPAD track will include 44 sessions, hosted by thought leaders who are either LabVIEW Champions, Certified LabVIEW Architects, Alliance Partners, or Senior NI Engineers.   

Come join us in rooms 15, 16A and 16B (Room G on Thursday) to deep dive into topics that directly impact your software engineering processes and designs.  Room 15 will be devoted to software engineering processes, including testing your code.  Room G on Thursday will be a mini-track on Continuous, delivery, integration and deployment. 16A will be filled with your favorite framework topics such as AF, OO, UI, DQMH, DCAF.  And 16B will include a continuous flow of clean code and modular code insights.  (BTW I've been previewing SEPAD sessions this week and am very impressed. Outstanding content!)


It has been a thrill to work with SEPAD Track Coordinators & Champions Jon McBee and Becky Linton, and the NIWeek team to help facilitate this new track. We welcome you to join us at SEPAD.  Regardless of where you are in your journey on the LabVIEW path, you’ll find sessions that are informative, interesting, and challenging. 


For more information, see the post at 

Or go directly to the NIWeek 2018 Desktop app. 


Thank you LabVIEW Champions and SEPAD presenters!!  Welcome to NIWeek 2018! 

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