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Condensed daily schedule view?

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Hate to sound like a grumbling old man but as my wife likes to remind me, that's kinda my motif.


I'm probably attending NI Week for the first time since pre-y2k and I'm finding the website to be really annoying to navigate.  I just want to see an overall schedule of sessions & events much like what can be seen for 2016 here.   Instead I'm forced to deep-dive several layers into categories and sub-categories in order to extract dates and times one session at a time.


It's too tedious for us grumbly old men.  Where can I find a summary?



-Kevin P

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Hi Kevin, we're glad that you are attending NIWeek 2018. It is packed with a lot of things to do, that's for sure. So I'm glad to hear you are planning your schedule in advance. We are building a piece very similar to the technical session piece you mention from NIWeek 2016. It should be available online and I'll come back and post it within our thread in early May.


If you're using the NIWeek 2018 app, there are a few ways to find sessions and other activities. One is the Weekly Schedule. It list all things happening at a particular time. Then, under Sessions, you can sort by track or industry summit. It sounds like you have been using NI technology for sometime. May I suggest looking at the Software Engineering Processes, Architecture and Design sessions giving by our LabVIEW Champions.


In the meantime, I'll try to speed up the pdf piece.

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Accepted by topic author Kevin_Price

The technical session schedule is now available. You can see all sessions taking place at any given time, for example Tuesday, May 22 at 2:15 see the 19 sessions you can select from.

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Ahhhhhh! (big sigh of relief), much better.


Thank you!


-Kevin P

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On Tuesday night there's  "LabVIEW Excellence Awards" and "Challenge the champions" listed, but no descriptions or rooms.


Are those events a subset of the "Beer with Engineers Networking Reception" immediately prior and during their times, or are they separate?  If separate, where are they?

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