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Every Friday from now until NIWeek, we'll be giving you a sneak peek into NIWeek 2013. We’ll bring you interviews with session speakers, highlight key exhibition floor events and demos, and do whatever we can to help you get the most out of your visit to Austin, Texas.

In this episode, we'll be hearing about some can't-miss sessions in the Software Development track and the LabVIEW pavilion. Finally, hear about some events that help keep Austin weird.

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This episode's guests:

Grant Heimbach, LabVIEW Product Manager

Courtney Lessard, LabVIEW Product Manager

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Host, Michael Aivaliotis, is a LabVIEW Champion, founder of LAVA Forums,and also hosts his own LabVIEW podcast series, VIShots

  • Software Development Techniques Track

By mixing energetic presentation of neat user interface tricks with occasional rants about the injustice of iPad distribution in the world,  Jonathan Cohn kept an audience attention past the end of the session time, a neat trick for the last session of the day.  Jonathan works for Bloomy Controls. He showed how to create "dark modals" -- when a modal dialog comes up, darkening the main window. He walked through the basics of creating plug-in property pages. And he showed a robust system for disabling or enabling different parts of a user interface based on the privilege level of the user currently logged in.

This is a presentation that Jonathan has done the past two years, and it continues to be more impressive. If you missed it this year, he's sure to be invited back next year. Although, as Jonathan himself admitted, he does need to come up with some new jokes. :-)

  • Software Development Techniques Track

In the printed manuals, there is a 1pm session titled "Hands-On: Introduction to OOP in LabVIEW".

The correct title is "Hands-On: Introduction to Design Patterns in OOP in LabVIEW".

Those three missing words are kind of important. This is a session for intermediate OOP users, giving you a chance to explore some more complex architectures in an environment where people are around for you to ask questions. If by chance a new user interested in OOP comes by, that's ok... we'll give them some materials to get started with. But this session is really for those of you who are already familiar with the basics.

  • Software Development Techniques Track