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Re: NIWeek 2013 Podcast Episode 3: Embedded Systems, Training & Certification and the Silver Screen

NI Employee

Every Friday from now until NIWeek, we'll be giving you a sneak peek into NIWeek 2013. We’ll bring you interviews with session speakers, highlight key exhibition floor events and demos, and do whatever we can to help you get the most out of your visit to Austin, Texas.

In this episode, hear about Embedded Systems sessions and pavilion demos that showcase interesting applications from a wide range of industries like energy, life sciences and advanced control. You'll also learn more about training and certification opportunities at and around NIWeek. For the movie buffs out there, find out which movies and TV shows have been filmed in Austin and the best places to get your dose of Hollywood in the good ol' ATX.


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This episode's guests:

Nick Butler, Embedded Systems Group Manager

Brandon Treece, Embedded Systems Product Engineer

Now what?

>> Learn more about conference content.

>> Browse sessions in the online catalogue (access the mobile version here).

>> Get more information on training and certification opportunities at NIWeek.

>> Register for NIWeek 2013.

Host, Michael Aivaliotis, is a LabVIEW Champion, founder of LAVA Forums,and also hosts his own LabVIEW podcast series, VIShots


Hi there,

first of all I would like to thank you for bringing us such a valuable information in these posts. Since I'm not in USA I think it is going to be difficult for me having the opportunity to attend such a great event, as I think NIWeek is.  So I would like to know, if it has not been mentioned yet, if NI has planned to stream some of the presentations or meetings.

Thanks a lot for your comments and obviously for your posts too

Kind regards.


NI Employee

Hi Jose,

Thanks for your comment! We're glad to know you find the information helpful.

We'll be streaming the keynotes this year. I'll find out how you can access them and pass along the information. We also will be posting some of the session content on this community group, so be sure to join so you'll receive updates when they're available.

Please let me know if you have any questions!




Hi Maegan,

thanks a lot for the feedback and quick answer.

So it's nice so see that at least some information will be available for people who can't go there. I hope that some of the presentations, giving in different sessions, are available but I guess this will depend on the decision of each speaker.

Thanks again Maegan.

Kind regards.



Hi Jose,

I will be recording the sessions I attend at NI week and uploading them to our ftp server.

When the videos are ready I will be posting a notification on LAVA.



Hi Mark,

this sounds really great, awesome. What else I can say.

Thank you very much Mark for such an effort.

Kind regards.


NI Employee


Many of the NIWeek sessions are given by third party partners, we cannot give you permission to record those sessions without their permission.  Can you let me know which sessions you plan to record, so that I can ensure the speaker gives permission?  For anyone that can not attend NIWeek, consider attending an NIDays event near you.  Learn more at


Donya cobb

NIWeek Conference Manager