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what mean PLT LED on 8106 board

my 8106 not booting and no video and PLT LED on man board of 8106 is RED color
what is mean of PLT LED in 8106 main board
in normal state this LED was green color

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Hi There, 


A blinking red LED indicates that the power supply voltages are out of spec and your device needs to be repaired. The life cycle for this device has expired, so a conversation with NI Support to assess your options would be highly recommended. 





Clint T.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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thanks for attention

what's mean your device needs to be repaired?

your purpose of device is 1042 chassis or 8106 controller?

SMD LED indicators of voltage (3.3v,5v,12v) mount on pxi-8106 board is green.

Is power supply still damaged although voltage smd led are green?

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I cannot immediately comment on why the LED is Red. It could be a number of different issues on the board. I think the fact that the controller will not boot is enough of an indication that a repair is needed. As mentioned in the previous post, NI support will be able to help guide you through the repair process. 



Clint T.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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