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what chassis can fit with PXI-8108

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I need advice about a PXI chassis that can accommodate the following modules. I intend to build a MOSFET characterization setup:

(part no. 198410J-912L) PXI-8108 Embedded Controller (qty1)
(part no. 189140C-02) PXI-8232 GPIB/ENET) (qty1)
(Part no. 763507b-01) Type X2 GPIB 1m Cable (qty 2)
(part no. 780446-4096) SPARE/UPGRADE 4 GB DDR2 RAM FOR PXI(E)-8101/02/08/10 CONTROLLERS (qty1)-
(part no. 191373G-01) NI PCI-8360 MXI-Express Interface Card (qty1)
(part no. 199392B-01L) NI PCIe-8361 x1 MXI-Express Device for PXI Remote Control (qty1)
(part no.187123P-01L) NI PXI-4472 8-Channel 24-Bit Vibration-Optimized Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module (qty1)
(part no. 189675C-01L) PXI-8430/4PXI Serial Interface Module (qty1)
Toshiba Hard Drive (qty1)

Many thanks,



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Accepted by topic author Hadiq

Hi Hadiq,


Because you have a PXI-8108, you'll need a PXI chassis (not PXIe).

Additionally, because you're using the PXI-8108 embedded controller, you won't need the PCIe-8361 or PXI-8360. These are used for remote control with a PC. 


So with that in mind, you'll need a chassis with at least three slots. The PXI-1031 (PN 778932-01) has three slots, so if you don't plan on adding additional modules in the future, you can use this. If you want to give yourself some space for future expansion, you can go with the PXI-1036 (PN 779382-01) which has five slots.


You can use the NI PXI Advisor to see additional PXI chassis and hardware. The PXI chassis are no longer on our main product pages due to their Mature product lifecycle stage, but you can still find them in the PXI Advisor.


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Thank you Captain_K for your reply.


I got these items from a colleague who left the department and thus I need help to make meaningful use of it.


I think PXI with five slots is better. In the specs of the PXI-1036, it says the bandwidth is 132 MB/s. Does that fit with the 3GHz controller that I have?


Many thanks,



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Accepted by topic author Hadiq

Happy to help!


Short answer: Your PXI-8108 embedded controller will work fine with the PXI-1036 chassis.


The 132 MB/s spec refers to the amount of bytes that the backplane of the chassis can push to the controller. Basically, data comes into the modules, the modules send that data to the controller via the backplane. The 132 MB/s is the max number of bytes that the backplane can push per second. Actual data will be less due to data packet overhead (around 110 MB/s).


The 3GHz is a reference to the CPU speed that's on the PXI-8108. 

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Thank you so much for the nice answer.



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