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"Too many compiled instructions in loop" - How to determine this number a priori

Hi all,


I am using the PXI-5421 with 8MB onboard memory in scripting mode for the gereration of NMR pulse sequences. Some time ago, I got the following error:


Driver Status:  (Hex 0xBFFA4807) DAQmx Error -201016 occurred:
Too many compiled instructions in loop.  "Generate" and "Wait" instructions each result in at least one compiled instruction.  Each marker adds an additional compiled instruction.  Clear instruction does not result in a compiled instruction.

If possible, reduce the number of generate instructions by concatenating the waveforms on two or more consecutive generate instructions.
(To be honest, I actually don't have acces to my hardware. For this reason, I copied the error from the followink link. The error message, as far as I remember, should be identical.)
It seems that the number of compiled instructions within a script loop is limited. Maybe this limitation is related to the onboard memory of the function generator.
What I would like to know is, if I can determine the maximum number of instructions before bying new hardware.
If we for example decide to buy another function generator with increased amount of onboard memory, e.g. the PXIe-5433 with 512 MB, what will be the maximum number of instructions in this case? Is this number documented somewhere in the specification letter?
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