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pxisys.ini with non-NI cPCI controller


I am trying to get information about assigning fixed device numbers (in MAX) to a NI-Scope (5112) and a NI-DMM (4060) card in a common cPCI chassis. This is because I observed that the assigned device numbers aren't the same when I reinstall the NI drivers on the same system. In the NI developer zone, I found some howto's about this topic using a file named "pxisys.ini".  This file is dependent on the PXI controller and PXI chassis.  As we use a non-NI-cPCI-CPU-board (Kontron CP6000), there is no appropriate pxisys.ini. Does anybody know how to handle this problem, either to solve the device number assigning issue or to find an appropriate pxisys.ini? Thanks in advance!



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