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pxie 8381, pcie 8381, PXIE 1071 chassis

Hi, There

When I install PXIE 8381, PCiE8381, I met the same problem.

1. event ID 12384, nipximxk, Failed to enable Idt8091\PCIe-8381, status = -52006

2. event ID 12416, nixirfk, MXIe BIOS Compatibility Software has found a configuration that is currently not supported per our licensing terms and conditions. To use the default configuration set up by your BIOS, disable BIOS Compatibility Mode on your National Instruments MXI host interface(s). See the documentation for your MXI interface(s) for details. If you need more information or help on this error, contact National Instruments. status = 0


if I did not install MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software, PC cannot boot. Both LED are green.

If I install MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software and put the dig switch1 to ON, the PC can boot and in the windows device manager, I cannot find the device.

I even changed PCIE 8381 to different slot on motherboard(MSI X299 Pro) 


Any suggestions?



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Hi, Lu,


I have met same problem as yours.

So I replace the host pc to a Dell t5820 workstation and booting is okay with no error in event viewer, but still can not find pxie chassis and only detect part of pxie cards.

The t5820 workstation has Intel C422 chipset which is the server edition of x299. I think the OEM boards may have some unique settings for pcie bus enum rather than motherboard manufacturers such as MSI and ASUS.

My suggestion is finding an alternative OEM PC. Dell t5820 is not recommended as I have not found the root cause of pxie cards not detecting.





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