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pxi1042 chassis cannot be found

Hi there:

I am new to this board. we have a setup in India that consists of a pxi1042 chassis, with PXI-8186 controller. there are several modules plugged. PCI-GPIB, PXI-6528, PXI-4060, PXI-5105, PXI-2527. System is running windows. Setup suddenly stop working several days ago. description of failure is very sketch at most. I am able to logon to the system remotely. I run MAX (4.3) and found out that under 'device and interface', pxi-1042 is 'unidentified'.  I cannot make it unidentifed as 'pxi-1042'.  I also noticed that in \Windows\ directory, there is a file called 'pxisys.ini'. this file contains no information when open with a text editor (should contains setup info, correct?). I am very rusty on the NI stuff and not the one put the system together. Please give some pointer on how to fix the issue. my NI guys for some reason is not returning my calls and email. Thanks a lot.



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Hi Soltest,


If you close MAX and rename or delete the pxisys.ini file, then reopen MAX, it should recreate the pxisys.ini file for you.  If possible, I would remove all of the PXI modules from the chassis prior to doing this to simplify the problem.  If that does not work and allow you to properly connect your devices, it may be fastest to go ahead and re-image your controller using the Phoenix Firstware software that was included with your controller.  This can be accessed by pressing F4 on boot. 

Caleb W

National Instruments

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Hello everyone,

        I have a similar problem, I'm working on a NI Chassis-1045 and I',m using a PC to control the boards, I'm using PCI 8331-PXI8331

The fact is that I'm installing the software on several PC's, and I'm testing the installation on each PC conecting it to the same PXI chassis, but after several installations the MAX 4.1 doesn't recognize the chassis, neither in the previous PC's where it was working.

I found that the PXI 8331 doesn't comunicate with the PC, the question is, if there is some way to verify how bad or good is the PXI interface and if there is any posibility to fix it.

The things that I've checked were the voltages on the monitor connector on the rear panel, they are within the specifications, and I saw the Tx/Rx leds blink, only when I turn on the chassis. 


Thanks in advance



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Hi Pablo,


You can check the MXI interface by going into Device Manager then View»Devices by Connection and search through the PCI bus to find the MXI link.  You should be able to dig in and find your MXI interface.  I can't tell you exactly where it will be located since it varies from computer to computer, but it should be in there somewhere. 

Caleb W

National Instruments

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