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pxi synchronization PXI6289 with PXI-8464

I am fairly new to Labview and trying to develop my first application that uses triggering across multiple devices.I will try to explain in detail what I am trying to do, and I could really use some help trying to figure it out.

I use labview 8.5.1 and max-4.5.

I am trying to acquire:

1. a waveform signal using PXI-6289 and SCB68

2. CAN bus frame using PXI-8464.

I would like to start the tasks at exactly the same time and sample using the same hardware sample clock. So Ineed to do synchronization.

I have studied the example “CAN Frame API Input DAQmx Input1.vi”,but it for PCI card not PXI card.

Then I wrote a VI “Sync CAN-frame API with DAQ2.vi”, chane the string “RTSI” to “PXI_TRIG”.

But PXI-6289 is on slot 4 and PXI-8464 is on slot 12, so I configured PXI_TRIG0 and PXI_TRIG7  to "away form slot 1"in MAX.

I want to connect PXI-6289’10MHz RefClock to pxi_trigger7, and ai\start trigger to pxi_trigger0.

But the error 89126 occurred.


I really confused about it, what’s wrong with my VI? What should I do to get rid of the error and get my VI working?

Any advice and help would be highly appreciated.

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After more than s years study, I can solve this problem all by ,myself. I figure out the difference between RTSI7 and PXI-star and th ecommon use of RTSI0-7.So end of this question

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