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pxi-pci8331 isn't being recognized by Windows 7 64bit

Hi, I am installing a PXI-PCI-8331 combo to communicate with a NI PXI-1042 chasis with my PC.  However, after installing the PCI-8331 card, my computer doesn't recognize it.  The auto driver installation failed and under device manager it is listed as an unknown "other PCI bridge device."


I didn't find any drivers for this device (where could I find some?) but I do have LabVIEW2010 and PXI Plateform Services installed.

The lights on the PCI-8331 and the one on the chasis (PXI-8331) are lite.

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Hi silverstone,


I found this article that helps explain that the basic drivers for the card to be recognized by windows should be installed by windows itself.  You will probably want to get the NI-VISA driver eventually and installing the latest VISA driver will also insure that PXI Platform Services is up to date.


When the auto driver installation fails does it give you an error message?  


Another troubleshooting step is to try another PCI slot to see if anything changes.


Let me know if you have any questions or how things go after trying some of these suggestions.

Andy K.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Andy,


Thanks for the assistance.  I have opened up a support with NI for this case (request #: 7334780) and Tori W. has asked me to send in a MAX Technical Support file and Device Manager screen cap.  It seems like I am missing something from device manager.  I don't have NI-VISA appearing under device manager and the page you linked to suggests that I should have it.  I did a VISA install yesterday (5.1.1) so I'm not sure why NI-VISA doesn't appear under device manager.  Any suggestions?

I unfortunately do not have another PCI slot to try out but I don't think the slot is the problem.  If I rebooted the computer with the PXI-1042 chassis turned off, then the unknown PCI bridge device does not show up in device manager.


When Window's auto driver installation failed it said something like "Windows could not find driver software for your device"   If the driver for this device is installed with VISA, then is there a driver file for it that I can feed to device manager to use as a driver for the unknown PCI bridge device?


Thanks for your help!



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Here is the MAX technical support file.

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It turns out the issue was caused by a missing driver to a PXI card in the chassis. A good step to always try if you are encountering MXI issues is to power everything down and remove all of the cards from the PXI chassis other than the MXI controller. You should then power on the chassis first and then the host computer. If everything shows up correctly at that point you should power down again and start adding cards to find the trouble PXI card.

Andy K.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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