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pxi-8512 can help

我有一块NI-PXI-8512 的CAN通信卡,我想实现最基础的功能就是发送一条CAN协议的扩展帧命令,数据字段的八个字节类似于十六进制的 0x54 0x01 0x01 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 0X00 ,类似这样的帧命令来控制我自己的板卡。
我想用vc++ 来开发 不知道用哪些函数接口,也没有找到NI提供的类似的Demo程序。



Hi, guys

I used NI's products for the first time. Now I have encountered these problems and want to ask them.

I have a piece of CAN communication card NI - PXI - 8512, I want to achieve the most basic function is to send a CAN protocol extension frames command, eight bytes of data field is similar to the hex 0 x54 0 x01 0 x01 0 x00 0 x00 0 x00 0 x00 0 x00, such frame commands to control my own card.

I would like to use vc++ to develop which function interfaces I don't know, and I haven't found a similar Demo program that NI provides.


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