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pxi-6509 neccesary connector block

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It´s neccesary to work that pxi-6509 is joined to connector block (i.e. SCB-100) through the cable;

or you can directly connect to the cable (i.e. SH-100-100-F)?



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Hi Norak,


as you can see in the following link




you can use the connector block which is purchased with the terminal block. But, if you have devolped or, simply, you have another connector block from other manufacturer, you are free to use it. In this case, be sure to choose the pin for every channel, do not short circuit them accidentally. My tip is to use NI connector block, but the decisition is yours.


I hope this piece of information was interesting for you.


Un saludo.



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Hi JesusG,


What I mean is that NI recommend to use : PXI-6509 + CABLE + CONNCTOR BLOCK <--> YOUR BOARD


My question is; Can you use it without connector block? PXI-6509 + CABLE <--> YOUR BOARD


or maybe conector block is necessary because of conditionig?


This is because for me it´s more easy customize the CABLE to connect it to the connectors of my BOARD...


thnks for your replay

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Accepted by topic author norak

Hi Norak,


the SCB-100 connector block does not incorporate any sort of signal conditioning. All the feaures of SCB-100 are Noise Rejecting, Shielded I/O Connector Block. Nothing else. You can use your customized cable.


Pleased to help you.



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