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pxi-4130 python config causing output to turn on and off

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I just got a new chassis and a PXI-4130 card. I have used python to set up the output here is my code


import nidcpower
#Configure the session

with nidcpower.Session(resource_name='PXI2Slot2',channels='1') as session:
#session.output_function = nidcpower.OutputFunction.DC_CURRENT
session.output_function = nidcpower.OutputFunction.DC_VOLTAGE

#session.query_output_state = nidcpower.OutputStates.CURRENT

session.compliance_limit_symmetry = nidcpower.ComplianceLimitSymmetry.SYMMETRIC
#session.compliance_limit_symmetry = nidcpower.ComplianceLimitSymmetry.ASYMMETRIC

#current setting section
session.current_level = 0.020
session.current_level_range = 0.2
#session.current_limit_high = 0.021 #only used in Asymmetric mode
#session.current_limit_low = 0.019 #only used in Asymmetric mode

session.voltage_limit = 3.0
#session.voltage_limit_high = 3.0 #only used in Asymmetric mode
#session.voltage_limit_low = 1.0 #only used in Asymmetric mode
session.voltage_limit_range = 20

#voltage setting section

session.current_limit = 0.02
session.current_limit_range = 0.2
#session.current_limit_autorange = 1
session.voltage_level = 3

session.output_enabled = 1


if I set the output to not exceed the current current limit everything is ok but once i exceed the current limit the output shuts off then comes back on and shuts off again. I see a square waveoutput on a scope. It does the same thing regaurd less if I set it to dc voltage output or dc current output . Any idea on what I'm missing or the setting I'm over looking would be very help full.

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Accepted by topic author jaybigfoot
03-27-2019 07:58 AM

Turns out my electronic load box did not like the voltage going below 1v and it would cause the output to turn on and off.


No issue here just faulty test equipment.

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