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pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller

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pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller


I want to configure one PXI-1042Q chassis with PXI-8331 controller.I have connected 2 Digital I\O card (PXI-6515) and 1 Digital I\O card(PXI-6514) to this chassis. And I have connected this Chassis to my PC with serial cabel (NI standard Cable) on COM 1 Of my PC. But the problem is when i open NI Measurment and Automation explorer it dose not detect eithre chassi or any I\O card.

I have installed NI platform services version 4.6.1.

One obsrevation is RX led ON Chassi and TX Led ON PC dose not glow.

PLease Guide me step by step configuration.




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Re: pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller

hay any 1 having sugession?????????????


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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller



The PXI-8331 isn't a serial interface even though the connector looks like it, so it shouldn't be connected to COM1.  It will only work when connected to a PCI-8331 in your host PC.  The cable needs to be a MXI-4 cable, such as 190957-03, not a serial cable.


If that's what you're doing, please report the LEDs on both of the cards.


- Robert

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Re: pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller

Thank You Robert!

I Didn't want to say COM port, Its is the port of PCI 8331 Card and I have connected the system in the manner you said.

Mean time you replied this post I have Got conversation with NI engineer over Phone, He have checked system remotly and suggested to reinstall Software and NI Drivers. So I am Doing that. and Thanks for your Response.I had posted the query incorrectly. SOrry for that Smiley Very Happy



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Re: pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller


I have connected the Pxi 1042 via Pxi8331-Pci8331,but in my PC ,MAX shows that  link disconnected and  chassiss status :Error 0XFFFB388C - The MXI-4 connection to this chassis timed out. Screenshot visible attachments. Or am I Inserted in the PCI slot on the motherboard (Ihave tried the both two,DELL PC ).

Please guide me how I could do ,thank you .


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Re: pxi 1042Q with 8331 controller

And I aslo should add that the  the LED display on  board 8311 : power green,TX and RX  brown

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