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pcie-8381 corrupting BIOS

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I have a PCIe-8381 on an Intel chipset motherboard. Problem occurs after applying power to the PXIe-1065 chassis and then the PC. PC reports BIOS is corrupted and reloads it before starting up with no further issues. Everything looks fine in MAX, with all cards in the chassis reporting normally. Restarting PC works fine - only have problem when applying power for first time. Should I be looking at BIOS compatibility software?

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Hi testlabrlp,


This sounds very unusual, give that you have already powered on the chassis before powering on the PC and that the message is only thrown once on the first boot up of your PC.  How long do you wait to power on your PC after powering the PXI chassis?  


It doesn't sound like a compatibility issue, since restarting the PC resolves the issue and you are able to see full working system in MAX.  Do you have the latest version of the BIOS installed?  It may be that an upgrade is needed to resolve the issue.

Marshall B
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Hi Marshal_b


spot on! Updated BIOS and works like a dream. Many thanks for your help.




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