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pc to compactPCI

I need to evaluate one cPCI chassis. I thought of using PCI-CPCI-8336. I am novice in that area. I inserted PCI-8336 in my PC.
 mxi in my cPCI must be present or only periperals is enough  for data acquistion via optical cable?
if it is must, then the drivers for my peripherals in cPCI can compatable or any LabVIEw driver is required ?
kindly help me on this ASAP?
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Essentially, what our MXI-3, MXI-4 and MXI Express (fastest PCI express to PXI/cPCI but no fiber variant) products do is extend your computer's PCI bus to the chassis itself. This being said, you will only be able to work with what is detected by the host PC. You can work with the devices in the connected cPCI or PXI chassis as though they were within your host computer. You use any applicable drivers with them. LabVIEW-specific drivers are not required.

I am curious what devices you are using and what chassis you are using. While cPCI adds the platform benefit of slot expansion through MXI kits, PXI adds additional timing and triggering functionality that is usually of significant benefit to instrumentation applications.

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Dear Adam,

thanx for the reply, i have no option to choose PXI, Since end user already had the cPCI Chassis. According to MXI-4 manual, My Desktop PC which has PCI-8336 assumes that all cPCI devices present in the PC itself. So I do not worry about the drivers which are provided for my peripherals.

I want to know , is there any LabVIEW program  required to retrieve the acquired data. If so, then my periphera dont have support of LabVIEW then Howto ???

 My peripheral is Gage card which has the sampling rate of 2 GS/s. Is it possible to retrive the full data without any loss.

Advance thanx for reply,



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In most cases, cPCI devices would work in a PXI chassis but not vice-versa.

You would have to work with your instrument manufacturer to answer questions on how to acquire data. LabVIEW is an excellent program to develop Virtual Instruments but interfacing to your devices is something your inst manufacturer should support. Many manufacturers provide LabVIEW instrument drivers or VIs for interfacing with their products.

If you are asking whether you can stream back to the PC at 2GS/s, the answer is likely no. Doing things like interleaving data that is less than 32 bits before you transfer it can improve rates but even interleaving 8 bit samples, you're limited to a transfer rate of approximately 78MB/s with MXI-4 (110MB/s with MXI Express). This means that you can transfer a theoretical 78*(8bit samples / 32 bit bus) = 312 MS/s streaming. Note that this assumes no overhead and your hardware has to support the byte interleaving. Some of our High-Speed digitizers do this.

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