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no LIN-communication PXI-8516

hey to all,

my problem is as follows...


I have 3 PXI-8516 cards for LIN communication, each with 2 Ports. My CPU acts as a master and sends values (U/I/T) to 5 test objects parallel.

In Software it's also written in a parallel code for each channel (test object). Software works perfect for the first 4 channels, but for the 5th channel, I can get no communication.

I have rotated the test objects. There is just a problem with the 5th object. But the 5th object works fine, because, if I'm testing it with CANoe as master, it works.


Does anybody know, if it could be a matter of adjusting the PXI-card?

For more information, feel free to ask


I'm at my wits' end.


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you can check whether there is a LIN signal coming out (use a oscilloscope) from the PXI 8516. Even with your DUT, there should be a signal coming out from the 5th channel (since the PXI 8516 is a LIN master).

if there is no signal coming out, try to run your program using the 5th channel only.

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