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ni pxi 5122

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ni pxi 5122

When we install the 5122 in our 1062Q chassis with a 8105 controller, we get a blue screen with the error " page fault in nonpaged area " and then it reboots. We were wondering if this is a problem with the chassis, card or software.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: ni pxi 5122



You'll want to try to isolate the issue to one specific component.


Try removing all cards from the chassis except the controller.

Try using the same setup in a different chassis.


Has this setup worked at some point in the past?

Any other cards in the chassis?



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Re: ni pxi 5122

Yes this setup has worked in the past. I've tried other cards, and everything works just fine. I got ahold of another 5122 and tried it out. it does the same thing also.

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Re: ni pxi 5122


@KSutherland@KSutherland wrote:

it does the same thing also.

Do you mean that the other 5122 gives you a blue screen, or works properly?


If the other 5122 works properly, it is almost definitely the card that is malfunctioning.



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Re: ni pxi 5122

Sorry I didnt' explain better, but both 5122's give me the blue screen.  I dug out our old 8176 controller and 1002 chassis and put them in it. and they work fine in the that. Im kinda thinking it might be bad driver or corrupted files on the hard drive on the 8105 controller. any thoughts?

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Accepted by topic author KSutherland
03-14-2018 06:55 AM

Re: ni pxi 5122

That's interesting that both 5122's cause that behavior. I agree that driver or software corruption seems most likely.


I would try repairing or force reinstalling your NI-SCOPE and NI-DAQmx drivers. That process can be found here:


Although it's unlikely that it is, you could verify it's not the chassis by using the old 8176 with the card and newer chassis - may be worth a shot.


Uninstalling and reinstalling all NI software or reimaging the computer would be possible other options, although hopefully it doesn't come to that.



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Re: ni pxi 5122

I reinstalled those drivers like you mentioned and everything works fine now.  Thank you

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