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need info on scxi channel configaration

new with scxi 1000 with 1102 module. mio-16e-1 daq. ac voltage to measure and need more info on how to select for each 32- channel
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With the setup you have, it would be very easy to access the 32 channels from LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, etc. I have attached a link to a KnowledgeBase article that discusses how to access SCXI channels:


These channel strings will provide you the raw voltages at the channels.

However, I would recommend using Virtual Channels in the Measurement & Automation Explorer(MAX) because you are most likely dealing with thermocouples and would like temperature readings instead of raw voltages. There is a good step by step KnowledgeBase article for creating Virtual Channels at:


Virtual Channels allow you to quickly setup the scaling/linearization for multiple thermocouple readings.
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