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need ac distribution schematic for PXI-1045 chassis

I have a PXI-1045 chassis that the "power on" button doesn't work properly on.  The chassis is on all the time.  The only way to turn it off and on is to unplug the AC cord or plug it in.  I have dis-assembled the chassis and checked/replaced the power switch and the problem remains.  I am looking for an AC distribution schematic so that I can further troubleshoot this chassis.


Any ideas on where I can find this?

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Hi boog,


Being that your chassis stays on, have you tested your PXI-1045 chassis with the Remote Voltage Monitoring and Control Connector? You should be able to power off the chassis by connecting the Inhibit pin (pin 5) to a Logic Ground pin such as pin 1 or 9. The Inhibit Connector is discussed on page 2-9 of the NI PXI-1045 User Manual.


You may also want to consider sending your chassis in for repair.  The KnowledgeBase, here, shows the process for sending your NI device in for repair. 

Tunde S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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