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We are using a Tektronix VXI1410 Intelliframe with two interfaces to an older PC: GPIB and VXI-MXI.  The MXI bus is used in place of the MXI for some faster communications (motor control).  Would a newer NI VXI-USB card for the VXI serve the same purpose as the old MXI bus interface to the PC if we upgrade the computer to something more modern? 

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Hi LarryPutman,


The VXI -USB card uses USB 2.0 and will allow "32 MB/s sustained throughput across USB and VXI".   VXI-MXI 2 has a max throughput of 38 MB/s (I could not find the throughput of VXI-MXI).  If your older PC has USB 2.0 ports, I think you would be just fine using the USB card.





Peter C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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