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multiple input limit range from multiple channels

Hallo I´m kinda new to LabView and need some information,

I use a Multifunction DAQ 16 Bit with the following specifications:

1. M-Series
2. NI PCI 6250
3. Operated by Microsoft XP

My problem:
* I would like to use 4 analog input channels from my M-Device to measure 4 diffrenttypes of voltage. The resolution from each channels varying from +/-10, +/-5, +/-1, etc (those are the possible range if i dont misunderstood the Data sheet from NI). I have tried to use a daqmx create task in a For-Loop so that vi runs only 1 input limit for 4 times and then put all the signals in the daqmx create channels.
The vi does execute the measurement but I dont get the right scale that I want.
Thanx for the info

Message Edited by Piiwee on 11-29-2005 08:40 AM

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Do you mean you are able to acquire from each of those channels but not display with that scale limits on graphs??




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Hi Devchander,

yes exactly, that is what I mean. Actually I could get the right scale if I use a simulated  input (I configure a simulate analog input channel with MAX on my PC) but once I try my program on my device, i cant get the right scale that I want to.

So sorry if you are confused, because english is not my native langguage.
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Hi Piiwee,

You are doing just great with your English.

I got an idea as to what your problem is.

Just Have a look at attached VI.

it should solve your problem.

I have used chart instead of graph

I have stacked the 4 plots one over other and auto scaled each(  you can also set scale of each graph by going to properties)

Hope this helps





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Hi Devchander,
Thanx for the clue, I think I know where my fault is 🙂
Once more thanx
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Glad to be of assistance
All the best
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