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keyboard with LabVIEW RT

we're porting a library/driver for one of our cards to LabVIEW RT. so far so good. registe/memory reads/writes working. used driver wizard to create inf/ini files. can see the card in the PXI chassis.


we have some test code that uses some keyboard input. i.e. entering a number or detecting a keyboard press. the controller can see the USB keyboard when you enter the BIOS.


is there anyway to use the keyboard after the controller boots into LabVIEW RT?

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Unfortunatly, once you are booted into LabVIEW RT the USB port can only be used for storage. 


How does your test code detect the keyboard input?  


If you have a controller with a serial COM port you may be able to get a serial keyboard and use a program that uses VISA commands to read the inputs to the COM port.

Justin Parker
National Instruments
Product Support Engineer
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