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how to use TRIG connecotr on PXIe-8135 embedded controller

 I would like to use the TRIG connector on the PXIe - 8135 embedded my software to triggeer the data acquisition. I dont know how use control this connector in software. Can someone please help me?

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Hi MansoorEE,


Are you working with a Real-Time system, or is this a Windows-based application?

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I am trying to use the SMB TRIG connector as well. We are running Labview RT on the controller. Is there any information on how to use it?

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Hi pDub,


First, I'd like to point out:

  • At present time, triggers cannot be routed throught the SMB connector if your controller is running Windows.
  • The SMB connector is intended primarily for use in watchdog timing on RT systems.
  • Trigger allocation is required, so that trigger lines are not double-driven.

Since you are running LabVIEW RT, you should be able to take advantage of the connector.  If you plan to route I/O timing or triggering signals for tight synchronization through the connector, I would recommend that you consider alternative options.


That being said, you'll probably find these examples helpful.


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Hi kb_MEMBER your link to the usage examples seems to be broken.

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