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how to synchronize 3 pxi board using a pxi 6608

hi I have a problem with pxi 6608. I have to synchronize 3 pxi board (2 6254 and a 6548) to read sync with GPS timing can someone tell me wich are steps to set as timing source 6608 for other board, please? thanks
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the 6608 board has a special feature: it mounts a realtime clock that can be synchronized with a GPS signal in order to provide precise timestamping and synchronization to your application.
If you mean to use a GPS signal for your synchronization, then you would also need a GPS receiver that can pass an IRIG-B signal to the clock line of the 6608. This is very well documented on the 6608 user manual and also on the following Knowledge Base
In case you should only need to synchronize operations between the 6608, 6254 and 6528 (I am not aware of any 6548 board), there are a few things you need to consider:
  1. the 6528 is a static DIO board. This means it is not possible to hardware clock DIO operations, but only to perform SW polls or event change detections.
  2. you need to choose which device is going to be the master to your system. The master needs to route it's clock to the PXI_trigger bus and the slave will receive the clock on the same line.

You will find some good examples for synchronizing multiple devices in the Example Finder in LabVIEW


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thanks, you're right, it is pxi 6528 and it can read on demand or on change detection, but i have time constraints of 10 ms (100 hz), I think to use timed loop with external time source, but I have to study before!



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