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how to enable/disable the VISA option "Show all devices accessible to VISA" with c#



I want to know how to enable/ disable the VISA option "Show all devices accessible to VISA" (Measurement & Automation >> Tools » NI-VISA » VISA Options under PXI/PCI and WireFire Interfaces) with C#


this is to see all PXI resourses without the end-user configures nothing


i saw this post



so now i want to add to my project


Thanks in advance.


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No body have an idea???     😞


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Hi Geck0;


I found that the "Show all devices accessible to VISA" can be changed via the visaconfig.ini file changing the section:


ShowRegisteredDevOnly = 0


Here is a link to a document in which this is explained a little more, although I couldn't find the file on the specified path (in fact I found two visaconfig.ini that could be the ones that needed to be changed) inside:


C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\VISA\WinNT\NIvisa

C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\NIvisa


I hope the information is useful.


Good Luck


Francisco Arellano

National Instruments Mexico
Field Systems Engineer - Energy Segment
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 Thank you very much francisco, this information was very usefull to me!!!


Thanks again.Smiley Happy


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