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how do I create a new acronis backup partition on 8105

As Joji said, the version of Acronis that ships with our controllers only allows you to store/restore a backup image on your harddrive. If you want all the features of Acronis, you'll need to upgrade. Otherwise you can select the "No Thanks" button when it prompts you to upgrade.
Justin E
National Instruments R&D
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If that is the case, is there any way to access the original image on the HDD, backup that up externally, and replace it with a custom backup image to restore from?


I need a restore image feature not from an external source.

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the short answer is no.

You need to upgrade to be able to create a new local image but you can not replace the orginial

image from NI. You have to create another "safe zone" to save your new image.


Also be aware that acronics has no less than 3 programs memory resident when you install acronics. These programs are running even when you are not running the acronics gui.


I prefer to create a bootable CD using acronics(full version), uninstall acronics, boot from CD to create or restore image.This way my memory is not tired up by acronics.


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