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how do I create a new acronis backup partition on 8105

the PXI-8105 comes with Acronis backup software.
is there away to replace the current backup partition with a new one or leave the current one and create an additional one.
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Hey rorOttawa!

Acronis True Image OEM
Acronis True Image OEM provides a hidden but accessible image on the hard drive of the controller.
Note: Since the image is accessible, it will be overwritten if you run your recovery CD or reformat your hard drive. Using the Recovery CD on an Acronis system will recreate the Acronis image for later hard drive restoration.
By pressing F4 when prompted, you can enter the Acronis utility to reinstall from this original image. The Acronis utility included with Windows also provides the you with the ability to create custom backups and locate them on external USB or other attached media. Upon running the Windows Acronis program for the first time, you will be prompted to upgrade to the full version to enable features such as network backups, incremental backups, and more. This functionality is optional and is not supported by National Instruments.

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Yes I know all of that.
So since you did not answer my question I guess it is
"NO", One can not replace the image on the partition with my updated image.
I tried to "create a recovery CD" from the Acronis Start..Programs...
but when I pointed to my USB DVD-writter it gave me an all informative error message "ERROR"
and that was all.
No idea as to the reason for the error. They did not spend too much time on that software.
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Hey rorOttawa!

I apologize about the last answer, Officially, NI doesn't support modifying the partition that ships with the harddrive; however, you can use third party partition software to create and edit images on the controller.
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Yes the answer was very formal...

Thanks for letting me know.

Could you tell me the third party software name ?

thanks again.


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The most popular partition software on the market would be Norton Partition Magic.  It allows you to partition your harddrive: create, resize, and copy partitions.  You should also look at Acronis True Image.  This will allow you to create images of any PC and copy to the new partition.  Like I mentioned in the other thread, the Acronis software on our controllers are like the "run time engine" just something that will load the pre existing image.  Thank you rorOttawa!
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Acronis Disk Director will help you to do that.
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For future reference for anyone stumbling across this. The Acronis True Image OEM Version that comes with PXI Embedded and the 1U Rackmount Computers as well.


*Restore the NI Factory Image by pressing F4 (hidden partition contains the factory image).  This is for disaster recovery

*Create custom images and save them to a file (i.e. archive to external HD such as a Flash Drive or USB HD)

*Restore from custom images from file (either from the  Start>All Programs>Acronis or from the F4 screen)


The Full Version of Acronis ($49.99) allows for incremental backup and partial disk and selected file backups.


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I just purchased the PXIe-8108.  When I try to open Acronis TrueImage, it asks for an activation key.  When I go to acronis's website, it asks for a product number.  The only number I received was the Microsoft Windows Product Key and acronis does not recognize this key. 


Please Help as I would like to use this software!!!


- Jeff Y.

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The Acronis OEM Verson should allow to you do a Backup (full disk only).  Other features will require an upgraded to the full Acronis TrueImage.


You can then put this on a backup drive (USB HD)and hit F4 on bootup to restore it.

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