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difference between "Start Trigger" and "Data Active Event" for HSDIO export signal

Hello everyone,


I'm using the example "Stimulis response load from HWS file" as a model, I changed a few things for my purpose. I'm using a PXIe-6548 and in the example they use the "export signal" block to export the "data active event" on the PFI2 trigger. But there is other choices (as described in the attached file) as the "Start trigger", and I would like to know what are they? Is there a documentation explaining what are each of them?


Thanks in advance,


Alexandre Cazaux

Student and in work placement at Menta SAS

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I've just seen that normally, I should not be able to connect "data active event" and PFI2 according to NI MAX (see the attachment). So why does it work?

I also realize that I forgot to attach the picture for my first message.



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PFI2 and Data Active Event is Green, indicating it can be connected.  Please refer to the help for HSDIO to find out more about each option, or you can use the hot key CTRL + H to pull up context help within LabVIEW on the function, then click Detailed Help which will also take you to the help.

Kyle A.
National Instruments
Senior Applications Engineer
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