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I am trying to create a standalone application by creating a project in LabView. I am using a PXI 1036, and following the instructions on the NI "building a standalone application" web page. It is telling me to open a new project, right click build specifications, and then click new application. However, when I do this, all I can see when I right click build specification is source distribution and web service. Can i not create standalone applications on the PXI? when i do this on the PC it works fine



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Hello lvuser,


Is your PXI system currently running Windows or the Real-Time OS?  The way that you build an executable for the device will differ depending on the operating system.


For a Windows PXI, you will simply need to connect a keyboard and monitor to your PXI, boot the system into Windows, and follow the steps you have already taken to build your executable.  You can then run your executable on the PXI by launching the application externally from LabVIEW.  You can also build an application on your PC, then use FTP to transfer the executable to your PXI system and run it there.  This method may be more difficult because it is extremely difficult to debug a built executable.  I would recommend developing the code on your PXI system, testing it as you go, then building it into an executable once you are sure it can run without error.  


For an RT OS PXI, you will program and build your executable from the host PC.  In your project window, right click on Project and select New»Targets and Devices.  Add your PXI as a target, then place the VIs below the PXI, and select Build Specifications below the PXI.  Here a few links with more detailed info on building a Real-Time executable:  





Best of luck!

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