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common storage for two independent PXI systems

Hey !!

I want to use ONE RAID array (3TB) for two independent PXI systems. Each PXI system will have a VSA and it will be streaming data upto 200MB/s.. the data coming from both VSA will be stored in RAID connected to one of the PXI systems.


Can I do something like this with a 8375 ?? I dont want to use any other PC. If not, please suggest an alternative to make this model work.



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Hey Alann,


In response to your question:  Yes, you can use one RAID array with two independent PXI systems, but this depends on a lot of factors (modules, slots being used, controllers, entire configuration, etc.).  Could you give me more information about your system?  I need the following information:

  1. Is your system daisy-chained together with the PXIe-8375?  Are you using a host PC or an embedded controller?
  2. What specific chassis are you using?
  3. What specific modules and in which respective slots are being used in this application?
  4. How many channels (and at what rates) on each module are you acquiring?
  5. Are you using the NI HDD-8264 RAID?  If not, what is the read/write rate associated with your RAID?

With the answers to the above questions, I'll be able to better answer you question.


Sara Lewandroski
Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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Hey Sara,


1. Yes, it ‘ll be a daisy-chained with PXIe8375. Can I use one of these PXI systems as a host? Or maybe a third system which ‘ll just have a PXI controller and interface to RAID.


2. Chassis PXIe-1075


3. I 'll have VSA (5661 or 5663) in both systems.


4. One channel on each system, 100/200 MB/s


5. Yes, HDD-8264 …


I am trying to build a stream to disk application on both systems. Some application requirements demand the VSA to be in separate chassis, but i have one storage. So i want to use a common disk for streaming data acquired by both VSAs.

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