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change pci bus numbering in pxiesys.ini?

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Chassis PXIe 1082

First set-up:

Slot 1 with Controller PCIe 8840

Slot 2 PXIe 7822 PCI Device 0 PCI Bus 16 -> RIO0

Slot 3 PXIe 7822 PCI Device 0 PCI Bus 21 -> RIO1

But if you add a card in Slot 4, you get:

Slot 4 PXIe 7822 PCI bus 19, so this is now recognized as RIO1 and the slot 3 as RIO2.

I would like the RIO numbering with the Sot numbering. The RIO numbering is dependent on the PCI bus.

Can the PCI bus numbers be changed in the pxiesys.ini?

Slot 2 AddressInfo = "PXI0 :: 16-0.0 :: INSTR"

Slot 3 AddressInfo = "PXI0 :: 21-0.0 :: INSTR"

Slot 4 AddressInfo = "PXI0 :: 19-0.0 :: INSTR"

Is it possible to change the PCI bus in the address info in slots 3 and 4 so that Slot 3 has AddressInfo = "PXI0 :: 19-0.0 :: INSTR" and Slot 4 AddressInfo = "PXI0 :: 21-0.0 :: INSTR"?

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Accepted by topic author Rokot
05-04-2017 09:24 PM

Hi Rokot,


Have a look at this link:




Important points to consider:

"For PCI devices, the PCI Device Number (Address) is a function of the PCI bus specifications and the Windows operating system. As such, there is no way to force the value to a specific number. By using virtual channels in your program, however, you can easily reassign the virtual channels to specific devices."


It is also strongly advised not to change this file as it might cause some configuration errors.


Let us know if you have further questions.


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