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can 8266 RAID be used from a PCIe MXI module instead of PXIe MXI module?

We are using NI 8266, 24TB RAID with PXIe 8384 in a PXIe 1075 chassis. The maximum data throughput which we are able to attain on this configuration is 832MB/s. We have an application requirement for increasing the data streaming throughput to 1.4 GB/s. We understand that 8266 supports this rate but due to usage in PXIe 1075 chassis, data throughput got restricted.


We would like to know if in place of using PXIe 8384, can we use a PCIe 8381 to work with this NI 8266 RAID on a Workstation PC with x8/x16 PCIe slot?

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I don't think it's officially supported, but it has been tested and works.  The PCIe-8381 and PXIe-8384 hardware architectures are basically identical, so the physical connection from host computer to RAID box is transparent to the host.  The RAID behaves/communicates the same in both configurations.




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We happened to check the combination of PCIe 8381 with NI 8266, 24 TB RAID. It did work. But yet to verify for data throughput of 1.4 GB/s. Tomorrow, planned to benchmark it.

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Ah, yes...I neglected to answer the bandwidth part of your question.  The PXIe-1075 is definitely the limiting factor in your current configuration.  For maximum RAID bandwidth, the PXIe-1085 is required (4x more bandwidth per slot).


Switching to a PCIe-8381 directly in the host will bypass the PXIe-1075 and remove that bottleneck.  You'll see a marked improvement.




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Hi Sundar,

   I am very interested in the result of the benchmark, because I would like to try PCIe-8381 with 8266 as well, may I know the final result? thank you very much;

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