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I have a system with a PXI 1085 and a NI PXIe-PCIe8371, NI PXIe-PCIe8372 PCI Express Control of PXI Express, which was being controlled by a Dell Precision T5600 with Windows 7 and with an NVIDIA Quadro 2000 graphics card.  I had installed the MXI compatibility software and things were working just fine.  I could see it in MAX and use the cards in the chassis.  I decided to upgrade from the 8371 to the 8381 (NI PXIe-PCIe8381, NI PXIe-8384 PCI Express (x8 Gen 2) Control of PXI Express).


I put the 8381 in one of the empty x16 slots (there are no x8 slots on the motherboard).  When I turn on the computer, if I have the chassis connected the monitor does not display anything and although the computer gets power it doesn't seem to boot, if I unplug the chassis then the computer boots fine. 


In a similar thread the user removed all of the cards except the MXI Express card and it worked, I have tried removing all of the cards in my chassis, except for the PXIe-8384 (of course), and I still have the same problem.

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You mentioned the PXIe-8384, but I assume you mean PXIe-8381.  Can you verify that?  The PXIe-8384 goes in a peripheral slot and connects to an additional chassis.  The PXIe-8381 goes in the controller slot.


Are you using device hiding on the NI PCIe-8381?  That should allow it to boot, even without the software installed.  You'll need the software to use any devices in the chassis, but it should boot in either case.


Does your older MXI kit work in the same slot of the T5600?


- Robert

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Great assumption, it is the PXIe-8381 in Slot 1 of the chassis.  Sorry for the ambiguity.


I'm not sure what device hiding is.  The PCIe8381 is plugged into my computer and will boot so long as the cable is not connecting it to the PXIe-8381 in the chassis.  Only when the cable is connecting the computer's PCI card to the chassis' PXI card will my computer not boot.


I had a PXIe-8370 (I thought it was a 71, but just checked), which I was using previously in the same slot of the T5600 and it was working great.





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Accepted by topic author chall

Give this a try:


Flip the BIOS Compat DIP switch on the PCIe-8381 to the ON position (switch position 1, should be labeled).  This tells the card that you're using MXI compatibility software.  This should allow the system to boot and one of two things will happen....


1) Things will work fine, and you're all set.

2) The system will boot, but you won't see the chassis.


If #2 happens, install the latest version of the MXI compatibility software, reboot, and try again.  The thinking here is that it's possible that if you installed that software long enough ago (more than a few months) that you're on a version of that software that doesn't support the 8381.  The latest version should work fine.


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I'm  booting up now!  I can't see the chassis in MAX, but I can see about two of the eight cards in the chassis in MAX.  I troubleshot for a couple hours, but I thought that I should add that it is working.  My MXI compatibility software should be the latest, I tried to download and install earlier today.  Thanks, flipping the DIP switch did it.

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i had the same issue and found out that the DIP switch #1 solved.

nevertheless, not all the boards inside the connected pxi chassis are detected 

it seems to be due to the BIOS or the OS

the NI MXIeBusDetect executable tool gave me ann explanation, but now i asked to the support


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SOLVED with Dell BIOS updating to last version

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