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assigning channels and/or pins

Hi every one,
The digitizer board I am trying to test presents some pin assignment problems with the PXI 6562 DDC connector pinouts. I know I can configure individual channel or a group of channels. What I want to do to solve my problem is to assign a specific set of pins to make up a channel. That is to say, instead of using pins 14 and 15 to output DIO15 and DIO15*, is it possible to use pins 11 and 12. 
Any kind of input in this regard is greatly appreciated.
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What's an...,

The PXI 6562 pinout is fixed as depicted in the NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Help guide under Devices>>NI 656x>>Channel Interface>>Front Panel and Connector Pinout.  As such,  if you generate a pattern on Channel 15, it will always be applied to pins 60 and 59 (14 and 15 at the end of the cable).

However,  if you use the Digital Waveform Datatype (WDT), you have much more control over how data is associated with channels in your channel list.  The WDT associates channel order in your channel list with signal order in the WDT.  If you have a set signal position in your data which does not make logical sense with raw channel mapping, the WDT should give you a way to make better associations between data and channel.

I hope this helps.  Happy Holidays!
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