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acquire and generate signals with daq assistant

I write to give information about the project that I am doing with a embedded controller PXIE 8840 and its module PXIE 6356. Initially we want check the speed of capture and writing of a similar signal between a frequency range from 100HZ to 500KHZ. This signal is read by one of the analog entries and immediately without any modification sent or written for one the analogous outputs. Our goal is that this signal can enter at different frequencies and can be reproduced with the same characteristics (only slightly delayed by ADC and DAC times), which is successful for a cutoff frequency according to the parameters set in the block, but for a range of frequencies the signal is not reflected in the outputs, which has a continuous 0V output. Our concern is how to configure the block so that it allows us to capture the entire frequency range of the input signal or if there is another way to do it differently than using the DAQ Assistant in Labview. Attached with this mail sent a project of how we are using the DAQ and some images of the configuration used

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