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I have ZT 4421 PXI cards in my PXI system,  I like to replace them with NI produces.  Does anyone know that NI make a PXI scope card with similar spec (or better spec) as the ZT4421?  ZT4421 was made by ZTech instrument, which bought out by Teradyne about 2 yeas ago.

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You should have the specs for your old digitizer. You did not attach them for anyone else to look at.
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Hi Icefan11,


What kind of sample rate, bandwidth, and bit resolution are you specifically looking for for your application? I believe NI has several options to choose from, if you can provide some minimum criteria for your application we can try to find you the most cost efficient card that meets those specs. Thanks.



Applications Engineer


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The ZT4421 spec as:

Acquisition:  Non-interleaved real-time:  400MS/s  

                       Interleaved real time - 800MS/s


Sample Rate: 20 kS/s to 400 MS/s, non-interleaved and real time


Vertical:  Full scale range 12.5mVpp to 50Vpp with impedance of 1 MOhm

                Full scale range 10mVpp to 10Vpp with impedance of 50 Ohm


            Analog Bandwidth - DC to 300MHz typical.

            Analog Filter - 20MHz or Bypass filter stopband rejection approx 3dB@20MHz



               Sweep Time Range - 12.5ms to 100s (1.25ns/div to 10 s/div)

               Sweep Time resolution 10ns to 10ms depedent on sweep points and sample rate.


Digitizer resolution:  12 bits  up to 32 bits with averaging.





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Hi Robert,


I am looking for the scope with minimum spec as following:

Vertical:         Full scale range 12.5mVpp to 20Vpp with impedance of 50Ohm.

BandWidth:   >=50MHz

Digitizer: >=12bit


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Hi Icefan11,


Thanks for the info! Additionally, what kind of sampling rate are you going to need for the card? 


If you haven't seen this already, we have a nifty filtering system on our Scopes/Digitizers product page. 



If you select PXI form factor, at least 12 bit resolution, etc. on the left side, it should help narrow down some options for you. Do you know what sampling rate specs you will need?

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Hi Jenkins,

We got a NI PXIe 5412 AWG,  and I download the MIFGENDotNETDevelopment.zip

and NIFGEN1711.zip driver, and then unzip the files and install the drivers into my computer, but I can't find where are the DOTNET 4.5 drivers were installed.  

They are not in C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\MeasurementStudioVS2012\DotNET\Assemblies\Current\*.*  directory

I have windows 10 and MS visual studio 2017 installed in my computer.

Did I down load the wrong drivers?

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Accepted by topic author Icefan11



If you don't hear back from Robert, you may want to make a new forum post, if your followup can be summarized onto a standalone question. In general, posting on old forums doesn't gain very much exposure, so I'd make a new post if you need to!



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