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Win 98 and MXI-3 with PXI-6052E, 6508 and 7344 generates bluescreen errors

Okay, this is driving me crazy! I've asked this question before and really didn't resolve the problem fully so here we go again. I have an MXI-3 card with PXI-6052E, 6508 and 7344 in cPCI chassis. Trouble is I get random bluescreen errors (especially towards the end of boot process but they can be anytime). This happens on just about every machine I install this hardware configuartion on. Disabling stuff like the com ports and killing background processes such as virus scanners seem to help a little but have never solved the problem. The latest installation won't go at all and bluescreens every time. I tried a Win 2000 installation and the boot-up blue screens disappeared but our software wou
ld not work properly (this could well be our fault though so I will restrict my question to the boot-up bluescreens). Any help would be very much appreciated!
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There was a bug in the MXI-3 software that could cause a Windows page fault exception (0xE) on Windows 98. It is very rare, but there is a patch to fix it. I attached it below. If this does not solve the problem, please email us so that we can help you further. Go to http:\\www.ni.com\ask and select Email an Engineer. You will want to select PXI/VXI for the product.

Thank you,

Katie Shiels
National Instruments
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