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Win 2k Device Manager wont see PXI Cards

I have several cards installed in a PXI-1006 chassis using a PXI-8176 controller running Win 2k, NI-DAQ 6.9.3, MAX 2.2, VISA 2.6.0.  After receiving a Rev H PXI-4472, NI-MAX nor Device Manager would recognize the card so I proceeded with installing NI-DAQ 7.4.4 which allowed the system to recognize the card and all the exisiting cards within the chassis.  However, now NI-MAX would not recognize my GPIB devices.  I was able to retreive my older pre Rev H PXI-4472 board and install it while reverting back to my NI-DAQ 2.6.9 driver, Now NI-MAX sees my GPIB devices but Windows Device manager does not recognize any of my PXI Cards....


Is there something within windows that needs to be deleted or changed when downgrading from NI-DAQ 7.4.4 to NI-DAQ 6.9.3 so windows recognizes my cards?


Thank you



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Hi sbmart,


Did you install NI-DAQ 6.9.3 on top of NI-DAQ 7.4.4, or did you uninstall 7.4.4 first? If you installed 6.9.3 without uninstalling 7.4.4 might cause the issues you are seeing.


Please go ahead and uninstall NI-DAQ, and reinstall 6.9.3. However, I do not see why the NI-488.2 drivers are having issues when NI-DAQ 7.4.4 was installed. 

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I first Uninstalled 7.4.4 drivers.  I notice that neither NI Configuration Manager or NI Device Loader is running on my system.  What driver installs these services and how would I get them to run. I wondering if this could be the issue?



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Hi sbmart,


It could be just that the services have not started. Please go ahead and read the KnowledgeBase here. It goes through how to go about making sure those services are started.


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That might be part of the problem as I dont see them anywhere on my drive.  I've searched for those files and have come back with none found.
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Also, everytime I do a Hardware refresh on my device manager, I get an "Unsafe removal of device" for NIPALK.  What does NIPALK have to do with NI-DAQ?  Could this be causing my issue?



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Hi sbmart,


That is really odd, it looks like there might have been an installation issue. NI PAL is a set of shared libraries that our NI drivers use, and is part of all the NI driver installation.


I would advise that you upgrade to the latest version of NI-DAQ (7.4.4). Please let me know how that goes. I understand this is frustrating, but there may have been an installation problem the first time. 


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I decided to upgrade to WinXP to see if this fixed the problem.  However, I still cant see the PXI-1006 chassis.  I've tried this same controller on several other chassis and it wont see any of them.  Is there something I need to configure to make it work with the PXI-1006?  I saw a knowledge base that showed that a PXISYS.ini files was needed and I copied that to c:\windows in WinXp and still nothing.



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When you upgraded to XP did you try the newest version of traditional DAQ?  Does this controller work on any other computer? 

Jason Daming
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I've tried the controller on several chassis and nothing. I've tried a different controller on the Problematic Controllers Chassis and it finds everything.  I believe its something to do with the controller Configuration not being setup properly or missing some piece of software or driver for the Extended PCI Backplane.
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