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Where to findout device code for cards not listed in "Init_DA_Boards()?

Hi all,
I need to findout the device code for PXI-5112, PXI 5404, PXI 5411, PXI 5401 which r not listed in the manual of Init_DA_Brds()function. Actually I need to enumerate the boards in each slot of PXI bus and to show in my application like card name, slot no and device code.

Your valuable suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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Here are some of the board codes that I pulled together after running Init_DA_Brds on several of the boards you listed:

PXI-5411 (278)
PXI-5112 (260)
PXI-4060 (78)

You can simply run the Init_DA_Brds command and get the board codes for the rest.
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for Your Help.
I don't have all the NI Cards which I listed but the user of my application will use it. I don't know in which slot he will put the card. I need to know the dev code for all these cards , so that in my function which does enumeration using 'Init_DA_Brds' will compare the dev code returned by it with the list of dev codes. In the Init_DA_brds function in manual does not list for all the cards. If u can tell me where I can find out the dev codes for all the NI cards will be very useful.I still need to know the dev code for PXI 5404 and PXI 5401.

once again thanks
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