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What is special in slot 2 of PXI 1065 chassis

Hi all,


I am using PXI 1065 chassis for one of my test system. I have PXI5105 scope module set in slot no:2 and configured the scope to export a signal to PXI star trigger. I get an error saying " This slot number does not support exporting star trigger for this module" (This kind of error).


I have 2 questions.


  1. Is there any special usage of slot no:2?
  2. Is there any other way to synchronize various modules (other than PXI star bus) without changing the module to some other slots other than slot 2?


Your help is greatly appreciated !!!



Muthuraman S

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In PXI Express the PXI Star signals are on the System Timing Slot, which is slot 14 of the PXIe-1065 chassis; slot 2 is a normal PXI peripheral slot.  The chassis user manual has a diagram showing the location of the various slots on the PXIe-1065 chassis. 


In the previous generation PXI chassis, like the PXI-1045, slot 2 was the star trigger slot.


Other ways to synchronize the module without moving it from slot 2 would probably need to involve PXI_CLK10 or the PXI Trigger bus signals.

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