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What is difference between filename.prj file versus filename.cws file

My colleague who does the majority of CVI coding is usually one revision later than I am. Mainly because he is doing the true software development and I'm more fitting what he does into my applications.  So every few months I copy some of his files over to mine so I can take advantage of fixes and new features.  Recently I had a problem that was fixed by deleting the filename.cws file and recompiling the project.  Both the filename.cws and filename.prj look the same inside.  My question is what is the difference between the filename.prj and filename.cws?
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Hi Tony,

Try posting this query in the Labwindows/CVI board of discussion forums to get more relevant answers


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Hello TonyJ,
So if you open a workspace file (cws) and a project file (prj), you should see some differences.  In particular, the workspace file contains the settings that do not affect the way a project builds, such as breakpoints, window positions, tag information, and debugging levels. Also, a workspace can contain multiple projects, and the location to these projects will be included in the workspace file.  Build options and source code control options are also stored in this file. 
On the other hand, a project file is a list of files your application uses.  Hope that clarifies things. 
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